James C. (Jay) Wright

James C. (Jay) Wright Managing Director, Austin (512) 637-3776 Email

James C. (Jay) Wright2023-08-10T13:45:32-05:00

Ryan Whitt

Ryan Whitt Associate Banker, Plano (214) 765-1474 Email

Ryan Whitt2023-08-10T13:43:54-05:00

Doug Whitt

Doug Whitt Senior Managing Director, Plano (214) 765-1469 Email Mr. Whitt began his career in 1993.  He is responsible for the management of financial advisory clients and underwriting clients.  During his career he has been responsible for structuring, advising on and directing the underwriting of over $17 billion of municipal bonds. [...]

Doug Whitt2023-08-10T13:43:54-05:00

Chris Whitlock

Chris Whitlock Managing Director, Dallas (214) 765-1437 Email Mr. Whitlock joined SAMCO in 2009 as a Managing Director, to expand the Underwriting and Public Finance presence in Texas and nationwide. Mr. Whitlock has over two decades of experience in the financial industry with most of his career in public finance. Prior [...]

Chris Whitlock2023-08-10T13:39:20-05:00

Nicholas Westerman

Nicholas Westerman Director, San Antonio (210) 832-9760 Email Nicholas Westerman joined SAMCO in 2015, after having worked for the Municipal Advisory Council of Texas. He provides economic and financial research support, as well as assisting in debt structuring scenarios and tax rate analysis. He is registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory [...]

Nicholas Westerman2023-08-10T13:43:54-05:00

Duane L. Westerman

Duane L. Westerman Senior Managing Director, San Antonio (210) 832-9760 Email Duane L. Westerman brings over 25 years of experience from a variety of reputable public finance firms and professionals, including working with his father Floyd for 20 years. As Managing Director of Public Finance at SAMCO, he provides financial advisory [...]

Duane L. Westerman2023-08-10T13:43:54-05:00

Kim Treaster

Kim Treaster Manager of Operations, Austin (512) 637-3804 Email Enter Bio Information Here

Kim Treaster2023-08-10T13:49:44-05:00

Jacob Thompson

Jacob Thompson Managing Director, Dallas (214) 765-1432 Email Jacob Thompson re-joined SAMCO in April 2010 as Managing Director of Investment Banking. Heading up the firm’s Financial Institutions Group, he is responsible for providing M&A, advisory and valuation services to the financial institutions industry, primarily focusing on community and commercial banks. Previously, [...]

Jacob Thompson2023-08-10T13:48:45-05:00

Cristi Stephenson

Cristi Stephenson Associate, Plano (214) 765-1472 Email

Cristi Stephenson2023-08-10T13:43:54-05:00

Steve Sledge

Steve Sledge Managing Director, Dallas (214) 765-1442 Email Steve Sledge has been with SAMCO since 1991, now serving as Managing Director of Municipal Trading and Underwriting. He graduated from the University of Texas with a BBA in Finance in 1976.

Steve Sledge2023-08-10T13:15:53-05:00
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