Chris Lane

Chris Lane Senior Managing Director, Austin (512) 343-0268 Email Christina M. Lane has over 25 years of experience and more than $5.5 billion in completed tax-exempt and taxable debt securities issues in the financial services industry. Prior to joining SAMCO, Ms. Lane served as a Vice President in the Public Finance [...]

Chris Lane2023-08-11T13:49:13-05:00

Peggy Kilborn

Peggy Kilborn Associate, San Antonio (214) 765-1440 Email

Peggy Kilborn2023-08-11T13:48:57-05:00

Matt Hamilton

Matt Hamilton Financial Analyst, Dallas (214) 765-1428 Email Matt Hamilton joined SAMCO in 2019 as a Financial Analyst in Public Finance. He has been involved in public finance since 2017, previously with The Municipal Advisory Council of Texas. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from Texas Tech University’s [...]

Matt Hamilton2023-08-11T13:48:19-05:00

Mike Hamilton

Mike Hamilton Managing Director, Dallas (214) 765-1468 Email Mike Hamilton joined SAMCO in October of 2003 as Managing Director of Public Finance. He is responsible for the analysis and structure of municipal new issues, refunding feasibility, and coordination of these with bankers, issuers and various legal counsel. He has been involved [...]

Mike Hamilton2023-08-11T13:47:41-05:00

Brian Grubbs

Brian Grubbs Managing Director, Plano (214) 765-1470 Email Mr. Grubbs began his career in 2001 and has served over 100 Texas School Districts as Financial Advisor.  The clients served represent the entire landscape of Texas school finance including Chapter 42 and Chapter 49 districts, fast growing and stable districts, and suburban [...]

Brian Grubbs2023-08-11T13:47:28-05:00

Dejuan Green

Dejuan Green Managing Director, Dallas (214) 765-1497 Email Dejuan Green joined SAMCO in 2010 as Managing Director of Public Finance in Dallas. Mr. Green has worked in the public finance arena since 2001, joining SAMCO from Walton Johnson & Company, a regional broker-dealer, and bringing experience in underwriting, research, and distribution [...]

Dejuan Green2023-08-11T13:47:14-05:00

Andrew Friedman

Andrew Friedman Senior Managing Director, San Antonio (210) 832-9760 Email Andrew Friedman is a Senior Managing Director at SAMCO Capital Markets, and he joined SAMCO on January 15, 2015. Prior to joining SAMCO Capital Markets he worked at Southwest Securities, RBC Capital Markets and the Municipal Advisory Council of Texas. Andrew [...]

Andrew Friedman2023-08-11T13:46:17-05:00

Danni Breaux

Danni Breaux Associate, San Antonio (214) 236-6640 Email Danni Breaux is an Associate with SAMCO Capital Markets, Inc. Ms. Breaux joined the firm in August 2021 and is part of the Mark McLiney Municipal Advisory Team based out of the San Antonio office. Ms. Breaux has worked in the Public Finance [...]

Danni Breaux2023-08-11T13:44:44-05:00

Heath Barber

Heath Barber (214) 765-1449 Email Heath Barber, Managing Director, joined SAMCO Capital Markets in July of 2018 and has over 18 years of municipal finance experience. Prior to SAMCO, he served as a public finance banker at J.P. Morgan Securities and Coastal Securities. Mr. Barber holds a Bachelor of Science in [...]

Heath Barber2023-10-17T16:35:39-05:00

Veronica Alonzo

Veronica Alonzo Associate, San Antonio (210) 832-9760 Email Veronica Alonzo is an Associate with SAMCO Capital Markets, Inc. Ms. Alonzo joined the firm in January, 2015 and is part of the Mark McLiney Municipal Advisory Team based out of the San Antonio office. Ms. Alonzo has worked in the Public Finance [...]

Veronica Alonzo2023-08-10T13:43:53-05:00
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