Veronica Alonzo

Veronica Alonzo is an Associate with SAMCO Capital Markets, Inc. Ms. Alonzo joined the firm in January, 2015 and is part of the Mark McLiney Municipal Advisory Team based out of the San Antonio office. Ms. Alonzo has worked in the Public Finance industry for 20 years. Ms. Alonzo handles back office duties for both [...]

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Andrew Friedman

Andrew Friedman is a Managing Director at SAMCO Capital Markets, and he joined SAMCO on January 15, 2015. Prior to joining SAMCO Capital Markets he worked at Southwest Securities, RBC Capital Markets and the Municipal Advisory Council of Texas. Andrew has advised hundreds of municipal clients on billions of dollars of public debt in his [...]

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Mark McLiney

Mark McLiney joined SAMCO Capital Markets, Inc. in January, 2015, as a Senior Managing Director. Mr. McLiney previously served 20 years at Southwest Securities, Inc. Mr. McLiney is Financial Advisor to over 130 clients throughout Texas and his work includes advising Cities, Schools, Community Colleges, Counties and Special Districts. Mr. McLiney has worked in municipal [...]

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William “Bill” Burnett

William “Bill” Burnett joined SAMCO in 2007 as Vice President of Public Finance in Austin Texas. Mr. Burnett, a former two term Hays County Commissioner, brings extensive experience in underwriting, research, bond elections, and public policy. He is a graduate of Texas State University in San Marcos, TX, earning a BBA in Finance, and attended [...]

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Chris Whitlock

Mr. Whitlock joined SAMCO in 2009 as Managing Director in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Whitlock has over two decades of experience in the financial industry, including most recently 12 years at Citigroup where he served as Trader, Underwriter and most recently Regional Manager of the Dallas office. He is well versed in areas of Texas municipal [...]

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