Bob Shiels

Bob Shiels Managing Director, Dallas (214) 765-1419 Email Mr. Shiels has over 15 years’ experience in fixed-income trading and sales. He began his career with First Southwest Company where he traded fixed income products for Public Fund clients and the firm’s correspondent firms. In 1992, he joined Southwest Securities and was [...]

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Phillip Price

Phillip Price Trader, Government, Austin (512) 794-9100 Email Mr. Price is a Managing Director at SAMCO Capital Markets and has been working in the securities business since 1985. He joined SAMCO in 1991 in a trader/sales role, and primarily trades mortgage-backed securities, as well as acts as backup trader for all [...]

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James P. Forrest

James P. Forrest Trader, Government (Treasury/Agency), Austin (512) 794-9100 Email

James P. Forrest2023-08-11T13:46:00-05:00
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