James C. (Jay) Wright

James C. (Jay) Wright Managing Director, Austin (512) 637-3776 Email

James C. (Jay) Wright2023-08-10T13:45:32-05:00

Bob Shiels

Bob Shiels Managing Director, Dallas (214) 765-1419 Email Mr. Shiels has over 15 years’ experience in fixed-income trading and sales. He began his career with First Southwest Company where he traded fixed income products for Public Fund clients and the firm’s correspondent firms. In 1992, he joined Southwest Securities and was [...]

Bob Shiels2023-08-10T13:46:06-05:00

Louis Rowlett

Louis Rowlett Sales Manager, Dallas (214) 765-1409 Email A Managing Director and Sales Manager in Institutional Fixed Income Sales, Mr. Rowlett began his career with a Dallas based bank holding company in 1983 before joining Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc. in Dallas. His 32 years experience also includes 11 years with Principal [...]

Louis Rowlett2023-08-10T13:45:32-05:00

Robert M. Phillips

Robert M. Phillips Managing Director, Dallas (214) 765-1408 Email Mr. Phillips is a Managing Director of SAMCO Capital Markets. His primary emphasis is providing fixed-income security investments to financial institutions, as well as educational and municipal government entities. In 1977, after receiving a BBA in Finance from the University of Texas [...]

Robert M. Phillips2023-08-10T13:45:32-05:00

Will Osborne

Will Osborne Managing Director, Dallas (2`14) 765-1430 Email Will Osborne joined SAMCO in 2021 as Managing Director. He has worked in the municipal bond industry since 2001, previously as a trader/underwriter at D.A. Davidson. Will graduated from Texas Christian University with a BBA in finance. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and [...]

Will Osborne2023-08-10T13:45:32-05:00

Casey McLiney

Casey McLiney Managing Director, Kansas (816) 221-4042 Email Casey McLiney is registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority as a General Securities Representative (Series 7) and Uniform Securities Agent State Law (Series 63).

Casey McLiney2023-08-11T13:51:17-05:00

Amy McLiney Perry

Amy McLiney Perry Managing Director, Kansas (816) 221-4042 Email Amy McLiney Hart is on the institutional/retail side of the investment business. She enjoys working with community bankers and individual investors, helping with their investment needs. Amy appreciates the desire of the hard working banks to invest within their communities in order to [...]

Amy McLiney Perry2023-08-11T13:48:44-05:00

Steve Finn

Steve Finn Managing Director, Dallas (214) 765-1456 Email Mr. Finn has been a Managing Director of institutional sales at SAMCO Capital Markets from 1989 to 1995 and most recently since the fall of 2000, serving financial institutions, money managers and trust departments. His career has spanned over 25 years and during that [...]

Steve Finn2023-08-11T13:45:43-05:00

Quentin Boyd

Quentin Boyd Managing Director, Dallas (214) 765-1451 Email Quentin Boyd joined SAMCO Capital Markets in April 2010. Quentin is a graduate of Sam Houston State University with undergraduate degree in general business. He is registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority as a General Securities Representative (Series 7) and holds a [...]

Quentin Boyd2023-08-11T13:43:59-05:00

Stacey Barnett

Stacey Barnett Managing Director, Dallas (214) 765-1429 Email Stacey Barnett is a Managing Director of fixed income sales and joined SAMCO Capital Markets in 2005. Stacey is a second generation fixed income salesperson, joining her father who was in the business 35 years. Prior to joining SAMCO, Stacey spent a year [...]

Stacey Barnett2023-08-10T13:45:32-05:00
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