Kim Treaster

Kim Treaster Manager of Operations, Austin (512) 637-3804 Email Enter Bio Information Here

Kim Treaster2023-08-10T13:49:44-05:00

Lee Maverick

Lee Maverick Chief Compliance Officer, Austin (512) 637-3775 Email

Lee Maverick2023-08-11T13:50:27-05:00

Joseph R. Mannes, CFA

Joseph R. Mannes, CFA President, Dallas (214) 765-1466 Email Mr. Mannes is the President of SAMCO Capital Markets. He has worked at SAMCO since 2001, with stints as Chief Operating Officer and as a Managing Director in SAMCO’s investment banking and corporate finance department. Previously, Mr. Mannes was Chief Financial Officer [...]

Joseph R. Mannes, CFA2023-08-11T13:50:03-05:00
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