McLiney And Company

We work with municipalities throughout the entire election process, and will personally visit to discuss your options.

Many issues can be financed without a vote and McLiney And Company can work with issuers to make that assessment.  If voter approval for bonds is necessary, we can help call the election and work with you throughout the campaign process.

As always, we work on a contingency basis.

Here are just some of our services:

  • Analyze existing debt
  • Conduct survey of financial resources
  • Analyze full range of financing alternatives and debt instruments:
      • General Obligation Bonds
      • Revenue Bonds
      • Lease Purchases / Certificates of Participation
      • Tax credit bonds
      • Analyze the budgetary impact of financing alternatives
      • Examine the financial impact of various bond ratings
      • Refunding Analysis
      • Coordinate with bond counsel
      • Advice on bond election strategy
      • Assist citizen committees
      • Serve as information resource at public forums
      • Provide timeline for required activities

McLiney Contact Information


5201 Johnson Drive
Mission, Kansas 66205

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